Project title: Elaboration of escort skill development courses and establishment of training technical base.

Responsible Authority acting as executing body: the State Border Guard

Project priority and activity:
Priority 4 of the 2010 Annual Program:
"Support for the Union standards and best practices on return management"
Action 4.4 „Elaboration of escort skill development courses and establishment of training technical base".

Project funding: The project total budget is LVL 32 610, including Fund contribution - LVL 24 457 and state budget financing - LVL 8 153. Project implementation period is July, 2011 - June, 2012.

Project overall objective: to ensure removal of illegal immigrants in compliance with European Union standards and requirements.

The project specific objective: to elaborat escort skill development course as well as to establish training technical base, thereby ensuring realization of activities of removal of illegal immigrants in accordance with EU standards and requirements.

Expected results within the implementation of the project:

  • Realizing the project for the State Border Guard officers, whose duties include escort of detained foreigners, the possibility to adapt escort skill development courses depending on their job requirements will be ensured, that will lead to efficient use of financial resources, as well as will provide the opportunity for the State Border Guard to mitigate the "weak points" in staff work and training.
  • Within the project the escort skill development courses will be elaborated, and further it will be possible to realize it at the State Border Guard College, as well as the training technical base for needs of convoy training will be established at the State Border Guard College (training classroom with models of aircraft parts (18 seats) and minibus (12)).
  • Realizing the project the development of sphere of return of illegally immigrants and effective knowledge-based work of the State Border Guard officials involved in the mentioned above sphere will be ensured.


The project was co-financed by the European Union




Contact person: Artūrs Gaveika
Tel. 64603695

Publication date: 18.08.2011.