Project title: „Development of returned persons record-keeping system".


Responsible Authority acting as executing body: the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in cooperation with the State Border Guard.

Project priority and activity:
Priority 1 of the 2010 Annual Program: "Support for the development of a strategic approach to return management by Member States".
Action 1.3.2 „Development of returned persons record-keeping system".

Project implementation period: 01.10.2011-30.06.2012.

Project funding: financial resources allocated for the project - LVL 33 735.

Project overall objective: to ensure high quality data storage regarding all returned foreigners.

The project specific objective: to develop a conceptual solution for the development of returned persons register.

Within the project the following activities are planned: Elaboration of a concept and technical specifications for the development of returned persons register:

  • to define requirements, to develop terms of reference and regulations;
  • to provide support for the organization of the procurement procedure;
  • to select the tenderers and to enter into an agreement;
  • to work together with the executing border to elaborate a concept and technical specifications;
  • to participate in the development of the MK Regulations.

The analysis of necessary legislative changes and the development of draft Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers:

  • on the basis of the developed concept and technical specifications to develop the CM draft Regulations;
  • to submit the CM draft Regulations and annotations to the meetings of the Committee on processing of draft legal acts.

As a result of project implementation:

  • the data on entry bans and returned foreigners will be collected into a single information system, ensuring quality and topicality of data;
  • ability to rapidly enter the initial data on foreigners, such as issue of detention or return decision will be ensured;

  • information flow will be speeded up (SBG will be able to enter return decisions and, therefore, there is no need to send the paper documents to OCMA);

  • OCMA and SBG will have access to information on the foreigners stated and the decisions taken by both authorities;

  • a common statistical source in the field of return for both authorities will be established;
  • volume of information to be included in the information system will be in compliance with the regulations of the Republic of Latvia;

  • the unified OCMA Entry Ban Subsystem and SBG Illegal Immigration Register will open up the possibility for complementing/changing new information system in accordance with OCMA and SBG employees required functionality;

  • the common information system will be easier and cheaper to maintain as it requires less human, time, and technical resources.

It is envisaged that the developed system will be a subsystem of maintained Common Migration Information System (CMIS), which will have a direct link with the other CMIS subsystems, as well as with information systems of other authorities.


The project was co-financed by the European Union




Contact person: Ilze Kristapsone


Tel.: 67829745


Publication date: 30.11.2011.