Visits and meetings

Mr. Peter Krabatsch, Liaison Officer of the German Federal Police, will finish his service in the Baltic States (Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) in October 2023. While performing his service duties, Mr Krabatsch ensured uninterrupted exchange of information with State Border Guard officers in the Republic of Latvia and State Border Guard liaison officers abroad.

Within the framework of the cooperation, Mr. Krabatsch helped to provide internships for cadets of the German Federal Police in State Border Guard units and for State Border Guard officers in German Federal Police units, as well as to organise several visits of diplomats of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Latvia to the state border of the Republic of Latvia with the aim of familiarising diplomats with the current situation in the field of illegal migration.

In view of the above, for his active cooperation in the performance of the tasks assigned to the State Border Guard,

Information prepared by: Ginta Skangale,

State Border Guard, Strategic Development and Public Relations Unit,

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