FOTO: Žogs

On Saturday, March 16, a Latvian citizen was detained for transporting persons crossing the state border illegally.

Border guards in cooperation with State Police officials stopped a Mercedes Benz Viano minibus driven by the Latvian non-citizen in the Asūne Parish of the Krāslava Municipality. Checking documents, it was stated that 10 Indian citizens were in the minibus without travel documents, valid visas and residence permits.

Criminal proceedings were initiated against the carrier” under Article 285(1)(3) of the Criminal Law for knowingly ensuring a large number of persons, i.e. more than five persons in one case, the possibility to reside illegally in the Republic of Latvia. The security measure applied to the person - arrest with the possibility of replacing the applied security measure with a bail amounting to EUR 20,000.

Indian citizens were prevented from illegally crossing the state border in accordance with Cabinet Order No 184 of March 12, 2024 "On the declaration of an enhanced regime of the border guarding system operation.

Information prepared by Jolanta Babiško,

State Border Guard, Strategic Development and Public Relations Unit,

phone 67075617, e-mail: