On Wednesday the 3th of March, 2021 the State Border Guard's officials detected 36 offenders at external borders and within the country.

6 trespassers were detected at external borders. Conditions of residence in the territory of the Schengen area was violated by 4 foreigners. At Grebņeva and Terehova Border Control Point 4 citizens of Russia, who have violated conditions of residence of the Schengen area (did not possess valid visa or residential permit, the period of stay specified in the visa has been exceeded) was detected. Persons were subject to administrative liability.

While carrying out immigration control measures within the country violations of entry or residence conditions were detected to 29 persons – 8 citizens of Latvia, 1 – of Russia, 1 – of Estonia, 2 – of Lithuania, 1 – of India, 2 – of Cosova, 1 – of Moldova, 2 – of Poland, 3 – of Romania, 2 – of Finland and 6 – of Ukrain.

For violation of terms and conditions in the field of operation of vehicles and vessels 1 citizen of Belarus was subjected to administrative liability or was refused to cross the border by officials of the State Boarder Guard. 

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško