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During the last curfew, the border guards, providing support to the State Police, checked 218 persons and detected 27 violations.

At night of Saturday, February 6 from 22.00 to 05.00 the border guards together with the policemen checked 115 persons and detected 20 violations, while overnight into Sunday, February 7, during the period concerned the border guards together with the policemen checked 103 persons and detected 7 violations.

24 officials of the State Border Guard and the State Border Guard College were involved in providing support to the State Police, while overnight into Saturday -26.

Once again, there were persons who were out of the house, under the influence of alcohol, without a justified reason and a completed self-certification.

For example, on Saturday night in Viļāni border guards noticed a cyclist who participated in road traffic under the influence of alcohol. During the check, it was established that the man was under the influence of alcohol (3.15 permille).

In Rēzekne Municipality border guards noticed a parked car with the brake lights on. As law enforcement officials approached the car, its front door opened and two people ran away. A man was noticed in the back seat of the car, who claimed that he was not at the place of residence at the moment because he had taken the dog for a walk. During the conversation, it turned out that the man's pet was at home.

While in Ludza Municipality a car was detected, there were four men. They explained to law enforcement officials that they were celebrating a school gathering event, which is usually held during the first weekend in February.

Further procedural activities with the offenders were performed by officials of the State Police.

The State Border Guard has already provided support to the State Police in the control of the restrictions specified in the state since the first curfew - December 30. So far, 437 officials of the State Border Guard and State Border Guard College have been involved in the curfew checks. In total, border guards together with police officers checked 1 711 people and detected 271 violations.

This week the government plans to continue deciding on the need for a curfew over these weekends.

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Jolanta Babiško