FOTO: Jaunās automašīnas

In September, the State Border Guard added 12 new vehicles to its fleet - eight Peugeot Expert Traveller and six Ford Transit vans.

In accordance with the concluded contracts, the National Armed Forces ensured the purchase and delivery to the State Border Guard of eight new Peugeot Expert Traveller -  eight-seater minibuses and six new Ford Transit - fifteen-seater minibuses.

“71% of the vehicles of the State Border Guard have been in service for 12 years or more. 41% of the vehicles in service have covered more than 200 000 km since placed in service. The State Border Guard vehicles are getting older every year and their maintenance costs are increasing year by year. This is mainly due to the fact that the vehicles are used intensively, that results in high mileage, requiring more frequent maintenance, running gear repairs, etc.,” said Colonel Oļegs Gaidamovičs, Chief of the Armament, Supply and Technical Resources Board of the Central Board of the State Border Guard.

The acquisition of new vehicles will reduce the operating costs of the existing fleet, improve mobility and ensure more efficient and better quality transportation of officers to and from various places of service, using safer and more modern vehicles.

"The vehicles are comfortable, convenient and well equipped. They will be good for both short and long dictance drive," said the driver of the Viļaka Board of the State Border Guard after his first test drive with a new vehicle.

The acquisition of these vans will also improve the mobility of the Special Operations Service "Sigma" of the Aviation Board of the State Border Guard and the performance quality of the tasks assigned, as the technical condition of the vehicles available so far is not adequate for the tasks of the Special Operations Service "Sigma", when a quick response time is required to transport armed and equipped personnel to a specific location.

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Dana Kokoreviča