FOTO: Konstatētais drons

On Thursday, June 10, officials of the State border Guard in Kraslava Municipality focused one Russian citizen who made a flight of unmanned aircraft (drone) in the border zone.

Performing official duties, border guards of the Piedruja Border Protection Department of the Daugavpils Administration in the border zone, approximately 1730 meters from the State border, noticed Russian citizen who was located in the border zone without a special pass and made flight of unmanned aircraft.

During the inspection, border guards found out that the flight was not coordinated and the drone has not been marked and registered in accordance with the procedures of specification. 

Against the person has been initiated a proceedings in accordance with Section 36 of the State Border Law of the Republic of Latvia regarding violation of the State border, State border zone, border area or border crossing violation of regime, as well as in accordance with Section 124.1, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Aviation regarding performance of a flight with a unmanned aircraft, which is not marked or identifiable, as well as in accordance with Section 5 of abovementioned Law regarding performance of a flight with unmanned aircraft model if unmanned system operator or the system users are not registered  in the  Aircraft model clubs and Associations.

The State border Guard reminds the procedures by which unmanned aircraft shall make their flights in the airspace of the Republic of Latvia determined by Cabinet Regulation No.368 of 13 August 2019, procedures by which Unmanned aircraft and other types should be performed.



In accordance with the requirements of Section 33 of these Regulations it is prohibited to make unmanned aircrafts flights closer than 50m in the horizontal plane from infrastructure objects related to the provision of public order and safety. State border security and civil protection, except the cases if the flight has been coordinated with the owner, possessor or user of the relevant object.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško