FOTO: Plosts

On Friday, October 8, border guards stopped the illegally movement of cigarettes across the Belarusian-Latvian border and pulled out a raft with smuggled cigarettes from the Daugava River.

Officials of the Piedruja Border Guarding Unit, while performing their service duties using observation technical means, noticed a raft floating down the Daugava River, which, while floating down the river, crossed the state border and later reached the bank of the river.

Looking at the raft at the scene, the border guards found it consisted of a plastic tank wrapped in black polyethylene film, connected to each other by an iron structure and concrete blocks. 49,400 NZ cigarettes with Belarusian excise stamps were found there.

Criminal proceedings were initiated for a large-scale smuggling following the third paragraph of Article 190 of the Criminal Law.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško