FOTO: Žogs

On Monday, July 5, state border guards detained two Iraqi citizens for deliberate illegal crossing of the state border in Vilaka district.

Border guards of Bērziņi Border Surveillance unit  of the Viļaka Board, checking the information provided by the residents, searched for offenders in Žīguri Parish, Viļaka District and detained two men who had previously crossed the state border illegally.

Pursuant to Section 284, Paragraph two of the Criminal Law regarding the intentional illegal crossing of the state border in a group of persons, criminal proceedings have been initiated.

Iraqi citizens have been detained in accordance with the Immigration Law and placed in temporary custody by the State Police.

It should be noted that this year, 10 third-country nationals who crossed the state border illegally were detained, while last year 23 third-country nationals were detained for intentionally crossing the "green" border.

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Jolanta Babiško