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On Monday, January 4, border guards in the border zone on the road Daugavpils - Braslava detained the first bribe-giver this year. A Belarusian citizen tried to bribe border guards by offering a bribe of 20 euros.

Officials of the Silene Border Guarding Unit, while performing their duties, detected a Belarusian citizen on the road Daugavpils - Braslava, who, in violation of the Road Traffic Regulations, parked his truck with a trailer for long standing outside a residential area on the left side of the road. In addition, the car with the trailer was also parked in the area of operation of road sign 326 ("no stopping and parking").

In order not to be held administratively liable, the driver tried to bribe the border guards.

For stopping and parking on the left side of the road in cases where it is not allowed, according to Section 57(4)1) of the Road Traffic Law, a fine of 30 euros has been imposed on a man, but for stopping and parking in the area of operation of road sign 326, according to Section 57(5) 11)of the Road Traffic Law - a fine of 40 euros, in its turn, criminal proceedings have been initiated for giving of bribe pursuant to Section 323(1) of the Criminal Law. In Daugavpils Prosecution Office, a person has been held criminally liable by concluding an agreement with the Prosecutor on admission of guilt and imposition of fine in the amount of 10 minimum monthly salaries, i.e. 5 000 euros.

It should be noted that last year 30 criminal proceedings were initiated at the State Border Guard for giving a bribe or offering it to border guards, of which 27 were sent to Prosecution Offices for prosecution.

Bribery qualifies as a serious crime punishable in accordance with the Latvian Criminal Law by the deprivation of liberty for a period of up to five years, or temporary deprivation of liberty, or community service, or a fine in an amount of ten up to two thousand minimum salaries set by the Republic of Latvia.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško