FOTO: 50 eiro banknote

On Thursday, 23 December 2021, border guards detained a bribe – taker, a citizen of Belorussia, at the Silene Border Control Point, who gave a bribe of 50,00 EUR to the border guards, for them to use their service position, and would not pay attention to the technical inspection of the truck and allow to enter the Republic of Latvia.  

During the border checks of persons and vehicles crossing the state border, the border guards identified a citizen of Belorussia entering the Republic of Latvia, driving a vehicle which has not undergone a technical inspection of the vehicle according to the established procedures.

In order to cross the state border with a car that has not undergone a technical inspection of a vehicle, a person gave a bribe to the state border guards in the amount of 50,00 EUR.

Criminal proceeding have been initiated for bribery pursuant to Section 323 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law and the materials of the criminal case have been forwarded to the South Latgale Prosecutor’s Office in order to initiate criminal proceedings against the suspected citizen of Belorussia. According to the order of the prosecutor of the South Latgale Prosecutor’s Office, a fine was imposed on the person who committed a criminal offence in amount of 10 minimal monthly salaries established in the Republic of Latvia, namely, 5,000 EUR, which will come into force within 10 days.

Bribery is classified as a serious crime punishable by up to five years of imprisonment, temporary deprivation of liberty, forced labour and a fine of ten to two thousand minimum wages of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško