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On Monday, April 26, border guards detained another bribe-giver at the Terehova Border Control Point - a Greek citizen tried to bribe the border guards by offering a bribe of 50 euros.

During the border check of persons crossing the state border, the border guards detected a Greek citizen entering Latvia who intended to cross the state border in violation of the restrictions set to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection.

The Greek citizen turned to the border guards and verbally offered a bribe of 50 euros  to allow him to cross the border without complying with the restrictions.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated for giving bribe under Article 323(1) of the Criminal Law and transferred, by expedited procedure, to the South Latgale Prosecution Office for the commencement of criminal prosecution.

Giving or offering of bribes, that is, material values, properties or benefits of other nature, or promising the bribe if requested, in person or through intermediaries to a public official in order that he or she, using his or her official position, would perform or fail to perform some act, qualifies as a serious crime punishable in accordance with the Latvian Criminal Law by the deprivation of liberty for a period of up to five years, or temporary deprivation of liberty, or community service, or a fine in an amount of ten up to two thousand minimum wages specified in the Republic of Latvia.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško