FOTO: Uzšuve Robežsardze

On Sunday, September 5, in Rēzekne Municipality, the border guard provided assistance to persons involved in a road traffic accident.

On Sunday evening, an official of the Riga I Category Service of the Riga Board of the State Border Guard, heading to the mission site, in Malta Parish of Rēzekne Municipality, noticed on the road an overturned on the roof vehicle. The border guard immediately stopped his vehicle, ran to the crashed car from which petrol was running and found four people injured in the accident.

The border guard immediately called the Emergency Medical Service and the State Fire and Rescue Service and took the persons to a safe distance from the crashed car. Examining the victims, the border guard found that three persons were in a stable condition, while one person had suffered a severe head injury resulting in heavy bleeding.The border guard, using the first aid knowledge gained at the State Border Guard, created a compression bandage and stopped the bleeding.

Shortly afterwards, the responsible services arrived at the site of the event and the border guard provided the necessary information regarding the injured persons and the vehicle. Examining the victims of the accident, the medics took one person to the hospital, there was no need to hospitalize the other victims of the accident.

Later, the border guard testified to State Police officials as an eyewitness.

Prepered by:

Jolanta Babiško