FOTO: Robežsargs darbībā

On Tuesday, June 1, one Belarusian citizen with a fake Polish driving license was detained at Silene border control point.

On Tuesday morning at Silene border control point, border guards carried out an inspection of a truck heading into Latvia. Driver of the vehicle- a Belarusian citizen born in 1969 - showed a falsified Polish driving license to border guards during a document check.

The criminal proceedings, initiated regarding the use of forged documents pursuant to Section 275, Paragraph one of the Criminal Law, after the performance of all necessary criminal procedural actions have been sent to the South Latgale Prosecutor's Office for initiation of criminal prosecution.

A fine of EUR 1 500 shall be imposed on the offender for committing a criminal offence with a statement of the Prosecutor of South Latgale.

It should be noted that this year 25 persons have already been identified with counterfeit travel or vehicle documents, while during the last year 151 persons have been detained for the use of counterfeit documents.

Criminal law provides that the falsification of a document granting rights or exemption from duties, the stamp or seal  as well as the sale or use of a falsified document, seal or stamp, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for a period of up to one year, with temporary deprivation of liberty, forced labour or fines, but in cases where it has been committed for the purposes of greed,  or in a group of persons after prior agreement, or if it has caused material damage to the State's power, management arrangements or the interests of a person protected by law, deprivation of liberty for a period of up to three years could be applied.

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Jolanta Babiško