Press release
 Robežšķērsotāju ievērībai

Due to reconstruction works, the capacity of the Grebnevo (Ubilinka) border control point has been severely reduced. Currently, there is only one lane for the flow of light vehicles entering Latvia, which significantly hampers the implementation of border control procedures.

Also, in the context of the situation in Ukraine, the number of persons entering the country (Ukrainian and Moldovan nationals) has increased significantly, most of them on foot.

The State Border Guard reminds, that border control procedures are carried out in priority order and the persons crossing the state border - pedestrians - are checked first, the throughput of light vehicles at the border checkpoint is on average 4-5 cars per hour. Currently, 30 cars are queuing at the Grebnevo border control point for entry into Latvia.

Taking into account the geopolitical situation, the State Border Guard calls on Latvian nationals to give reasonable consideration to the need to travel to the Russian Federation. However, if there is such an extreme need, on the way-back, please treat the current situation with understanding and take into account that due to the reconstruction works and increased arrivals, drivers of light vehicles may have to wait up to 20 hours in the queue for border checks.

As an alternative to entering Latvia, the State Border Guard offers the Vientuli (Bruņiševa) border control point, which has relatively lower traffic, but also has a high throughput and vehicle queues and possible waiting times of several hours.  


The State Border Guard does its utmost to ensure that border checks are carried out in the shortest possible time and that persons crossing the external border are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Information provided by Ginta Skangale

Strategic Development and Public Relations Unit

of the Central Board of the State Border Guard,

phone  67075617, e-mail: