On Wednesday, April 10, 17 persons were stopped from illegally crossing the border between Latvia and Belarus, while a total – 1022 persons have been stopped this year.

Due to humanitarian reasons, 0 persons were not banned from crossing the state border during the past 24 hours; a total 7 persons have been admitted for humanitarian reasons this year.

Officials of the State Border Guard detected 39 offenders at external borders and within the country. 

18 trespassers were detected at external borders, including:

  • entry into the Republic of Latvia was refused to 5 foreigners

at the Grebņeva and the „Riga” Airport Border Control Points, entry into the Republic of Latvia was refused to one citizen of Ukraine, as the foreigner was not in possession of valid visa or residence permit; to two citizens of Moldova as the foreigners were not in possession of valid travel document

and to one citizen of Ukraine and one – of Russia due to security reasons. The persons were returned to the countries of departure.

  • conditions of residence were violated by 2 foreigners

two citizens of Uzbekistan were detected at the „Riga” Airport Border Control Point for violating the conditions of residence in the territory of the Schengen Area Countries (were not in possession of valid visas or residence permits). Record-keeping regarding the administrative violation, committed by one citizen of Uzbekistan was not initiated, the other citizen of Uzbekistan was subjected to administrative liability.

While carrying out immigration control measures within the country, violations of entry or residence conditions were detected for 5 persons -  two citizens of Estonia, one - of Russia, one – of Belarus and one – of Lithuania.

Within the framework of vehicle and vessel operations, 16 persons were subjected to administrative liability or were refused the right to enter the Republic of Latvia by officials of the State Border Guard of Latvia – seven citizens of Belarus, two – of Moldova, one – of Latvia, one – of Russia, one - of Lithuania, one – of Romania, one – of Tajikistan, one – of Ukraine and one - of Germany.

Information prepared by Jolanta Babiško,

State Border Guard, Strategic Development and Public Relations Unit,

phone 67075617, e-mail: jolanta.babisko@rs.gov.lv