On Thursday, 6th of August, the State Border Guard officers had detected 49 offenders at the external borders and inside the country.

At the external borders 26 border offenders were detected, including:

  • one Latvian citizen with forged documents

At the Silene border control point was found one Latvian citizen, who had presented to the border guards a fake UK driving licence. Criminal proceedings have been initiated for the use of forged documents. The forged document was seized as part of the criminal proceedings.

  • Nine foreigners refused entry to Latvia

Three Russian and three Kazakh citizens were refused entry to Latvia at the Terehova, Vientuli and Grebneva border control points because they did not have valid visas or residence permits, two Moldovan citizens because they could not justify the purpose of their entry and stay and one Ukrainian citizen because he was refused entry to and stay in the territory of the Schengen area countries.  The persons were returned to the country of departure.

  • Four foreign nationals were found in breach of the conditions of residence

Three Ukrainian and one Russian citizen were detected at the Terehova and Grebnevo border control points for violation of the conditions of stay (overstay of visa, absence of valid visa or residence permit) in the Schengen area countries. They were held administratively liable.

  • One Latvian citizen was refused exit from the country

One Latvian citizen, a minor, who did not have notarised parental consent to leave the country independently, was detected at the Paternieki border control point. The person were refused exit from the country.

Four persons - three Lithuanian and one Estonian citizen - were found in breach of the rules on entry or residence during immigration control measures within the country.

For infringements in the field of operation of vehicles and vessels, the State Border Guard officials held 19 persons administratively liable or refused to cross the border - four Russian, three Estonian, two Belarusian, one Moldovan, one Ukrainian, one Latvian, one Lithuanian, one Kyrgyz, one Tajik, one Kazakh, one Polish, one Romanian and one German citizen.

Information provided by Ginta Skangale

Strategic Development and Public Relations Unit

of the Central Board of the State Border Guard,

phone  67075617, e-mail: