On Saturday, October 17, officials from the State Border Guard on the external borders and inside the country identified 37 offenders.

28 border offenders have been identified at the external borders, including:

  • Six foreigners have been denied entry to Latvia

One Georgian citizen has been denied entry to Latvia at the border cntrol point of the airport “Riga” because the foreigner has been barred from entering and staying in the territory of the countries of the Schengen area, while the entry of the border inspection post of the Paternieki to Latvia was refused to one Russian and four Ukrainian nationals because the foreigners had violated the 360 regulation of the Ministry “Epidemiological security measures to limit the spread of Covid - 19 infection” requirements. Persons returned to the country of exit.

  • Breach of residence conditions detected for 13 foreigners

At the airport "Riga" border control point  were identified 13 Georgian citizens who had breached the conditions of residence (over the visa-free period) in the Schengen area. Proceedings in administrative infringement cases of two Georgian citizens were not initiated, other persons held administrative responsibility.

Officials of the State Border Guard called for administrative responsibility or refused to cross the border with nine persons – three Russian, two Estonia, two Lithuanian, one Latvian and one Belarusian citizen.

Prepared by:

Jolanta Babiško