2018. gada 21. maijs
Angļu valodas zināšanu pārbaudes tests

1. A border is a between two or more countries.

2. Our border is protected by .

3. The State Border Guard is an institution.

4. The State Border Guard is divided into .

5. Our eastern border is also the border of the European Union.

6. Latvia the European Union in 2004.

7. Trespassers can be detected with the help of .

8. An ultraviolet lamp, a magnifier and a microscope are used to .

9. Specially trained dogs trespasser`s tracks.

10. Devices for border surveillance include :

11. Watercraft is used for the supervision of .

12. The validity of this passport in three weeks.

13. Watermarks, fibres and kinegrams are of travel documents.

14. Which types of passports are not valid for traveling?

15. They had that the identity card was forged.

16. The document which gives one the right to drive a car is called a .

17. Refusal of entry one from entering a country.

18. Do you have a to carry this gun?

19. is illegal transportation of goods across a border.

20. Marijuana, hashish and cocaine are .

21. Refugees are people who .

22. Asylum seekers are people who .

23. Persecution means a person.

24. A residence permit gives one the right to .

25. A visa is a .

26. A visa contains information about .

27. The abbreviation "VIN" stands for .

28. When crossing a border, a document of a vehicle must be presented.

29. You must your car!

30. Which of these terms are related to motor vehicles?

31. The ship was moored at No 14.

32. Hi, how are you doing?

33. Where are you from?

34. May I your passport?

35. What is the of your visit?

36. How long planning to stay in Latvia?

37. any identity documents?

38. We have to detain you.

39. You will be taken into .

40. We can do it. It is to the regulations.

41. He to become a lawyer.

42. He going to work.

43. A train is than a bus.

44. He do it any better.

45. stupid mistakes.

46. She works at the airport.

47. the news last night?

48. Although I spoke slowly, he understand me.

49. They earned last year.

50. I asked him .

51. The traveller was born May.

52. The next flight is 6 o’clock.

53. "Quiet, please – I "

54. We won’t go if it tomorrow.

55. I’d like to put a suggestion, if I may.

56. She to him on the phone.

57. While he to the meeting, he saw a traffic accident.

58. Millions of cigarettes every year.

59. In July, he for us for 10 years.

60. I completed this test, I last studied English five years ago.

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