February 12, 2016

Aizturēti pārkāpēji


On Thursday the 11th February, 2016 the State Border Guard's officials detected 24 offenders at external borders and within the country.

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Bishkek is hosting a national workshop 08.02.2016.On 8th of February in Bishkek started a workshop on compatibility of customs legislation applied in Kyrgyzstan with the provisions of the revised Kyoto Convention, gathering national experts from the State Customs Service of the Kyrgyz Republic dealing with customs control arrangement, customs clearance and tariff regulation, legal issues and risks management. The workshop is conducted within the framework of Border Management in Central Asia Programme (BOMCA), funded by the European Union.

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BSRBCC sanāksme 26.-28.01.2016.


On 26-28 January, 2016 the State Border Guard organizes I Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) Secretariat meeting. The meeting is hold under the Latvian Presidency Plan 2016.

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Ierobežo lidojumus


In order to increase and strengthen the security of the state borders and airspace above the border area, flights of light and ultralight aircrafts are limited near the state border.

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On 9th December, 2015 in Zilupe municipality border guards detained 24 Vietnamese citizens for illegal crossing of the state border.
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BOMCA konference 26.11.2015.On 24-28 November, 2015 the Chief of the State Border Guard Normunds Garbars is on a business trip to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to participate in the Conference of an official opening and the Steering Group meeting of the Border Management in Central Asia Programme ninth phase (BOMCA 9).

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