November 24, 2014

On Friday the 21st November, 2014 the State Border Guard's officials detected 20 offenders at external borders and within the country.
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VR nelikumīga šķērsošana 14.11.2014.On Friday the 14th November carrying out the planned operational measures, officers of the State Border Guard and the Central Criminal Police Department of the State Police detained another one in this year group of Vietnamese citizens, who illegally have crossed the state border and 2 Estonian citizens - carriers.
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On Friday, October 10, the State Border Guard officers on the road Šķaune - Zilupe detained three Kyrgyz citizens, who carried 14 Vietnamese nationals. Kyrgyz citizens arrested for the illegal movement of the large number of persons across the state border.
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The officials of the Ventspils Board of the State Border Guard while performing the verification of operational information in Nica on the road Liepaja - Rucava stopped the car, Rover 45, which was drives by the citizen of Lithuania.

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On October 6 this year, while continuing to implement a package of measures in order to prevent and combat corruption, the State Border Guard criminal investigation department officials received an information about the alleged illegal activities of Terehovas border crossing point official.

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On Saturday, October 4, in the territory of Elejas parish border guards detained one Latvian citizen with a fake driver's license.

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