juny 30, 2016

 On 28-30 June, 2016 the State Border Guard hosts the European Union working group experts on technical compatibility of the border surveillance systems (with situational picture) with the technical means placed (installed) at maritime and land borders.

ES ekspertu darba grupa 28.-30.06.2016.
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 On Wednesday the 29th June, 2016 the State Border Guard's officials detected 31 offenders at external borders and within the country.

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 On 29 June, 2016 in the Baltic Sea at the Port of Ventspils the Ventspils Board of the State Border Guard (SBG) will organise large scale annual international operational-tactical training "RONIS 2016".

Ronis 2016

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BOMCA 9 Konsorcija partneru sanāksme 13.06.2016.BOMCA 9 Konsorcija partneru sanāksme 13.06.2016.
BOMCA 9 Konsorcija partneru sanāksme 13.06.2016.BOMCA 9 Konsorcija partneru sanāksme 13.06.2016.
On Monday, the 13th June, the meeting of the BOMCA 9 consortium partners (Border Management Project in Central Asia: 9th Phase) took place at the State Border Guard. The meeting was attended by the Chief of the State Border Guard, and the Head of the Consortium, as well as by the representatives of the Riga Technical University, the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, the ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy Development) and BOMCA 9 Regional Project Manager.
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In the framework of BOMCA Programme, financed by the European Union, a study visit will be held in Latvia between 14 and 16 June 2016. Hosted by Latvian State Border Guard, this 3-day visit will focus on legal and procedural instruments to manage both regular and irregular migration flows at borders. It will gather 20 officials from border, customs, migration, veterinary and phytosanitary agencies from 5 Central Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

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On 8th June, 2016 in Daugavpils Municipality the border guards detained 1 Lithuanian and 1 Belarusian citizen, who were engaged in smuggling committed in a group upon prior agreement across Latvian-Belarusian border.

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